Lance Miller's military vehicle experience started early in his life. Lance was born into the hobby; Lance's dad was collecting and restoring military jeeps before his birth. As Lance grew up he was naturally interested in military vehicles and helped his dad restoring many at a very young age. As time went by he restored numerous military jeeps, mules, 2 M114 Armored Personnel Carriers and a M5A1 Stuart tank. He has attended many meets, shows, nationals, and other military vehicle club functions. His collection includes a M4A3 Sherman tank, a M718, a M151A2, several M38-M38A1 jeeps, several M274-M274A5 mules and a Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle. He is a member of the MVPA and the Ohio Motor Pool.

Lance served in the Ohio Army National Guard as an armament repairer on the Cobra helicopter. Later in his military career he became a Chief Warrant Officer 2 and served as an aviation maintenance officer until his retirement with 20 years of service.

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Lance In His Younger Years

Restoring An M38A1